What fishing methods do you use on RELENTLESS?

Live baiting with or without kites, trolling the reef and/or ocean, jigging, bottom fishing. Its up to the captain’s discretion as to the method of fishing that will occur that day. While we make every effort to accommodate your request, weather and sea conditions are an important factor in our determination to produce the best catch possible for your trip.

What to Bring?

Just comfortable fishing clothes, sunglasses, your lucky hat if you have one, Food and refreshments, sunscreen, and a camera for a picture of that world class fish!! YES – You can bring adult beverages. Just about everything you’ll need is already on board, including fishing gear, bait, license, fuel, and two coolers with ice – to hold all of the fish you’ll catch on your charter!

Why only Six people on such a large boat?

United States Coast Guard regulations do not allow us to carry more than six passengers.

When is the best time to go?

Fishing in the Keys is a year round sport, everyone has their favorite time of year. We operate year round and everyone comes back the same time year after year, whether it’s January or June. So the best time to go is when you can get away from the rat race for a few days and no one will miss you!

When is the best weather?

In the Summer we have much less windy days but we could have tropical depressions, In the Spring we get thunder storms, the Fall we may get depressions or thunder storms. Winters we do get cold fronts that can make it windy. When we have no thunder storms, no depressions, and no cold fronts, it’s beautiful, most of the time, that is why we live here! No matter what the weather is, we always have a great time!

How much deposit do you need?

A 200.00 deposit is required to secure your dates. Deposits may be mailed or a credit card number may be used. Deposits are nonrefundable for no shows if not contacted within 48 hours prior to your trip.

What’s biting now?

Just about everything but take a look at the fishing chart.

How deep do we fish?

From Tolling on top to 50 feet down to bottom fishing 10 – 180 feet, depending on conditions.

Can we fish at night?

Of course, that is why we go overnight! some of the best bottom fihing is at night.

Where are the Marquesas Keys

About 30 miles west of Key West

Will I get seasick?

Getting sick on a boat has nothing to do with how tough you are. Certain people are prone to seasickness by their body chemistry. Many Factors can bring about sickness on the sea. Some of these things are: The amount of sleep you have,The amount of alcohol you drank last night, Nervousness. Getting overheated can push some people into getting sick.

There are many over-the-counter medications for seasickness available. If the weather forecast is for seas any more than a light chop, we recommend that you use one if you are unsure of your susceptibility to seasickness. We want you to have a good time and don’t want your day ruined by something as curable as seasickness.

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